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Hot chocolate bombs

  • What are they?: A round chocolate shell, filled with milk hot chocolate & marshmallows

  • Instructions (included with your bombs): Place bomb into mug, pour steaming hot milk (or water) directly over the bomb, stir until completely melted & enjoy!

  • Will you have them in store?: We will try our best to have them in store during the month of December but it is not guaranteed. Last year we were only able to keep up with the demand for orders, so we did not sell them in store. If you know you would like some, we highly suggest ordering.

  • Ordering: Ordering online is best but you can also call. 

  • How long will they keep: Each bomb is made fresh for your order, so they will easily keep for 3-4 weeks after you pick up.

  • How will they come?: We have different options available (variety sets, regular boxes, gift boxes) 

Prices & Flavors

  • Individual: $6.00

  • Gift box (single): $8.00 

  • Variety packs:

  • -pack of 3: $16.50

  • -pack of 6: $33.00

  • -pack of 12: $66.00

  • Gift box bomb + cookie: $12.50

  • Milk chocolate

  • White chocolate

  • Peppermint 

  • Peanut butter

  • White chocolate with pink drizzle

  • Other flavors may be added later in the season

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