Baked Goods

We offer a wide variety of baked goods that are baked fresh daily! Stop by to see what we have in store today, or place an order for pick up -- you won't be disappointed!  

Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs

Ch. Chip Cookie Cakes​

Large buttercream: $2.50+ each

Large Royal icing: $4.00+ each 

***Prices may vary based on design / color choices. For a price quote, please email or stop by with a photo.


Any flavor of cake dipped in milk chocolate or white chocolate


Standard Cake Pops: $1.75 each 

Includes any color of sprinkles. Custom decorations are not available  


Standard Cake Balls: $1.25 each  

Includes any color of sprinkles. Custom decorations are not available  

1/4 sheet - $28.00

1/2 sheet - $42.00

10" round - $20.00

12” round - $28.00

14" round - $38.00 

*Additional cost for decorations may apply


Cupcake Cake

$2.00 per cupcake – includes chocolate and white cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Elaborate designs and other flavors are an additional cost. 

Buckeye Candies: $1.25 each

Turtles: $1.75 each

Brownie Cookie dough Bombs: $3 each 


Other Items
Cake Pops & Cake Balls
Party Platters

Cookie Platter

36 cookies, choose up to 4 flavors) - $32.00
48 cookies, choose up to 5 flavors - $42.00

60 cookies, choose up to 6 flavors - $52.00

AmyCakes Platter

Pieces of our most popular items all in small sizes: bars, cookies, cake balls, etc.
--36 pieces: $42.00

--48 pieces: $56.00

--60 pieces: $70.00

Brownies, Bars, Cookies

Bars: pecan, lemon, 7 layer,
raspberry cheesecake, rice krispy treats, confetti cheesecake, blackberry pie bar, oreo cheesecake, berry bar, reese's bars, peach pie bar, cheery bar, cookie dough bar, red velvet cheesecake, turtle brownie, buckeye brownie, cake batter blondies, salted caramel bar, etc.

**bar flavors change seasonally


Cookie Sandwiches: variety of flavors


Cookies: $0.75 each / 9.00 per dozen

chocolate chip, sugar, confetti, chocolate, peanut butter, snickerdoodle, oatmeal, M&M, molasses, no bake