Baked Goods

We offer a wide variety of baked goods that are baked fresh daily! Stop by to see what we have in store today, or place an order for pick up -- you won't be disappointed!  

Sugar Cookie Cut-Outs

Ch. Chip Cookie Cakes​

Large buttercream: $2.50+ each

Large Royal icing: $3.50+ each 

***Prices may vary based on design / color choices. For a price quote, please email or stop by with a photo.


Any flavor of cake dipped in milk chocolate or white chocolate


Standard Cake Pops: $1.75 each 

Includes any color of sprinkles. Custom decorations are not available  


Standard Cake Balls: $1.25 each  

Includes any color of sprinkles. Custom decorations are not available  

1/4 sheet - $28.00

1/2 sheet - $42.00

10" round - $20.00

12” round - $28.00

14" round - $38.00 

*Additional cost for decorations may apply


Cupcake Cake

$2.00 per cupcake – includes chocolate and white cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Elaborate designs and other flavors are an additional cost. 

Buckeye Candies: $1.25 each

Turtles: $1.75 each

Brownie Cookie dough Bombs: $3 each 


Other Items
Cake Pops & Cake Balls
Party Platters

Cookie Platter

36 cookies, choose up to 4 flavors) - $32.00
48 cookies, choose up to 5 flavors - $42.00

60 cookies, choose up to 6 flavors - $52.00

AmyCakes Platter

Pieces of our most popular items all in small sizes: bars, cookies, cake balls, etc.
--36 pieces: $42.00

--48 pieces: $56.00

--60 pieces: $70.00

Brownies, Bars, Cookies

Bars: Pecan, lemon, 7 layer,
raspberry cheesecake, rice krispy treats, confetti cheesecake, blackberry pie bar, berry bar, reece's bars, cheery bars, cookie dough bars, oreo cheesecake bars, brownies, etc.


Cookie Sandwiches: variety of flavors


Cookies: $0.75 each / 9.00 per dozen

chocolate chip, sugar, confetti, chocolate, peanut butter, snickerdoodle, oatmeal, M&M, oatmeal raisin, molasses, no bake