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Our Store 

We opened our first store in downtown Miamisburg on July 26th, 2013. We offer a wide variety of cupcakes and baked goods that are baked fresh daily! Items includes, cupcakes, frosted sugar cookies, macarons, cake balls, cookies, chocolate covered items, dessert bars, brownies, and more! All cakes are custom and must be preordered over the phone or via email. 

  • Cupcakes: 14-16 flavors are available daily. We bake fresh and restock all day long. Our flavors rotate by bakers choice - feel free to give us a call if you would like to know the menu that day.

  • Cookies: Frosted sugar cookies, royal icing cookies, cookie sandwiches & 6 flavors of basic cookies 

  • Macarons: 9-16 flavors daily 

  • Dessert bars / brownies: 18 different items daily - cheesecake bars, blondies, brownies, pie bars, etc. 

  • Other items: cake balls, buckeyes, turtles, brownie bombs, cakesicles, chocolate pretzels, rice krispies

We restock our cases all day, open - close, as best we can. You can always give us a call to order ahead if you would like your items boxed and ready for you to pick up. 

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